DDG設計:曼哈頓上東區最高住宅180 East 88th Street

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東88街180號由DDG設計,由Joe McMillan's DDG 和Eyal Ofer’s Global Holdings共同開發。在此開發之前,我們主要以曼哈頓市中心和舊金山引人注目的建筑而聞名;東88街180號標志著我們在曼哈頓上城區的第一次嘗試,以及我們與Global Holdings的第一次合作。

180 East 88th Street was designed by Joe McMillan's DDG  and developed by DDG and our partner, Eyal Ofer’s Global Holdings. Prior to this development, we were largely known for striking architectural buildings in Downtown Manhattan and San Francisco; 180 East 88th Street marked our first foray Uptown in Manhattan, as well as our first partnership with Global Holdings.



?Sean Hemmerle



?Sean Hemmerle


As the tallest residential project on the Upper East Side, 180 East 88th Street is an eye-catching tower in Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood. Our collective team conceived of the project as we saw a need for a building that brings together real estate, art, architecture and space in an innovative way. DDG has specialized in integrating art with the residential experience, and 180 East 88th Street reflects that larger vision.


?Sean Hemmerle


我們受到了20世紀早期紐約高層砌體建筑繁榮的啟發,設計了一座向失去的傳統工藝藝術致敬的建筑,同時保持了現代和新鮮的美學。建筑的正面有近60萬塊手工磚,這些磚來自丹麥的大師磚廠Petersen Tegl。這些獨特的磚塊,包括優雅的,細長的Kolumba風格,提供了獨特的紋理和顏色,反映其手工制作的質量。我們希望這座建筑能給人一種上東區固有的感覺,同時也能表達自己的設計敘事和獨特的美學。

We were inspired by the boom in high-rise masonry construction in New York during the early 20th century and designed a building that pays homage to the lost art of traditional craftsmanship, while maintaining a modern and fresh aesthetic. The property’s facade features nearly 600,000 handmade bricks from master brickworks Petersen Tegl in Denmark. These distinctive bricks, which include the elegant, elongated Kolumba style, offer a unique texture and color palette that reflect their handmade quality. We wanted the building to feel intrinsic to the Upper East Side, while also expressing its own design narrative and individual aesthetic.







Beyond the building’s stunning design and unique handmade fa?ade, it’s the homes that set it apart. 180 East 88th Street features 47 graciously appointed private residences ranging from lofts to five- bedrooms, full floor and duplex units, and a stunning triplex penthouse. All with unprecedented ceiling heights.



Each home features unique characteristics that illustrate the incredible attention to detail in its design, while showcasing unbeatable Manhattan skyline and beyond views. Distinguished accents such as formal elliptical entry galleries, custom wainscoting, coved ceilings, wide plank Austrian white oak flooring, picture rails for displaying art and custom brass design details make the homes stand out. 




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