SAOTA設計 | 俄羅斯革新住宅Silver Pine

設計:SAOTA | 項目地點:俄羅斯 | 類別:居住空間 | 2021-06-17 9465 104




In the Russian Capital of Moscow, this contemporary home, set among the pine woods on an island in the Moskva River, introduces a revolutionary outward-looking approach to the city's architectural tradition.




Designed by SAOTA, a South African architecture studio known for advancing the possibilities of  20th-century modernism, this home represents the tradition of the terrace, with its emphasis on an outdoor orientation, but in a context and climatic condition vastly different from the origin of the type.





Glazing systems have advanced to a point where they can effectively provide insulation in the Russian winter extremes, which solved the climate challenge. The real challenge was to mediate a dialogue between the two traditions to resolve the new approach harmoniously in the Russian context.





The pinewoods that the site overlooks are thus a significant motivation for the design's open, outward-facing orientation. This approach allowed SAOTA to explore a new kind of architecture that invites as much natural light as possible during the dark winter months to compensate for the lack of sun and mitigating its absence. It's a design that makes comfortable spaces to appreciate the external conditions beauty, harsh as they may be.  



The public character of the house provides a contemporary interpretation of the city's architectural character. Surrounding the main entrance is a sculptural buckle. This backlit bronze-clad feature fa?ade not only acts as a visual prompt towards the entrance opening on the otherwise relatively featureless fa?ade but also communicates the promise of the luxury and light interiors in the private spaces beyond the threshold. It heightens the experience of crossing from the public realm to the private domain with its predominant treed landscape.





SAOTA used a silver-grey metal cladding on the exterior that complements and enhances the green of the plants and trees of the surrounding forest, providing an immersive landscape experience. The facade takes on the quality of natural material itself, highlighting a bespoke crafted quality in its detailing that speaks to the unique tailor-made approach to the house's design and furnishing, especially in the interior design.



The heavy, protective quality of the fa?ade, particularly that of the street, gives way to a warm, lively interior in the way the outer shell of a geode might reveal a warm agate or shimmering crystal interior. It imparts an exquisite, jewel-like quality to the interiors, which have a somewhat whimsical, playful quality in contrast to the exterior.  



Inside, natural materials predominate, from exotic marbles, some backlit, to metal and timber surfaces that bring softness and warmth. ARRCC maintains a dialogue with the architecture in their interior design details. The television's metallic frame resonates with the ledge's faceted jewel-like form below it and the external brass buckle at the building entrance.



A swirling sculptural staircase contrasts playfully with the angular architectural elements where they converge, resolving them in an organic flourish and signalling a subtle change of character between the more public sociable living space on the ground level and the bedrooms upstairs. 




Softer, warmer materials predominate upstairs, where the more open, flowing, and interconnected spatial approach gives way to private spaces with a more relaxed, casual atmosphere.




該項目由SAOTA、arcc和Max Kasymov合作完成,是SAOTA在俄羅斯的第一個竣工項目。arcc,一個室內設計工作室,提出了室內設計的概念想法,Max Kasymov,莫斯科室內設計工作室,進一步發展了該項目并監督其實現。

This project between SAOTA, ARRCC and Max Kasymov is the first completed SAOTA project in Russia. ARRCC, an interior design studio, proposed the concept idea for the interiors, and Max Kasymov, Moscow interior design studio, developed the project further and oversaw its realisation.




Max Kasymov工作室通過在自己的工作室設計和制造定制家具,能夠實現SAOTA和ARRCC提出的所有想法和解決方案。

By designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture in their own workshop, Max Kasymov studio was able to realise all the ideas and solutions proposed by SAOTA and ARRCC.



The villa’s overall experience suggests that SAOTA has mediated a new relationship between Russian domestic architecture and its landscape and climate. The modern villa's life-enhancing potential, realised in more temperate climates, made possible in this more extreme setting.



項目名稱   Silver Pine

項目地點    俄羅斯莫斯科 

主創團隊    SAOTA

SAOTA團隊 Greg Truen, Roxanne Kaye & Philippe Raffner

室內建筑   ARRCC

室內設計   Max Kasymov & ARRCC

家具定制   Max Kasymov & OKHA

攝影師    Sergey Ananiev  




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