SAOTA別墅設計:南非Horizon Villa

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Overlooking the Atlantic Seaboard in Bantry Bay,Horizon Villa boasts the perfect balance between luxury and comfort.



The brief called for a dynamic response to capitalise on the site, by creating an environment where the young family could enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, protected from the prevailing winds whilst still enjoying the views of the ocean. The clients were eager to utilise every possible area of the site yet ensure that they maintained privacy in this dense part of Bantry Bay.





The design was primarily driven by the need to create a family home, which accommodated the kitchen, living room and dining room in one single space. The secondary living area was to be a dramatic entertainment space, located on the level immediately below the family level – where the clients could entertain large groups of friends.





The pool terrace allows for covered and uncovered areas to relax around the pool. The entertainment lounge accommodates a generous bar situated adjacent to the outdoor braai area. A dramatic gazebo structure is perched at the Western edge of the pool deck allowing the owners to enjoy unrivalled ocean views day or night.




兩個起居層位于住宅垂直布局的中心,位于第四和第五層。 ARRCC 總監 Mark Rielly 說:“主要的雙層居住層是一個動態和雕塑的組成,包括體塊、樓層、元素和平面的相互作用?!彼c廣闊的海景直接相關,由明亮的紅色矩形煙囪和Nero Marquina大理石墻構成。餐廳面向花園庭院,帶有水景和雕塑。幾級臺階通向位于主臥室書房正下方的玻璃酒窖,可以俯瞰整個空間體量。

The two living levels are located centrally in the vertical arrangement of the house on the fourth and fifth floor. “The main double volume living level is a dynamic and sculptural composition comprising the interplay of volumes, floor levels, elements and planes,” says ARRCC Director Mark Rielly. It relates directly to the expansive sea view and is framed by the bright red rectangular chimney flue and a Nero Marquina marble clad wall. The dining space opens out onto a garden courtyard with a water feature and sculpture. A few steps lead down to the glass fronted wine cellar placed directly under the main bedroom’s study which overlooks this entire spatial volume.





A glass lift connects the building vertically, and an external service stair connects the levels externally. The main bedroom and two children’s en-suite bedrooms are located of the sixth floor of the home, boasting 180-degree views of the ocean.




The interior finishes are rich and varied, including timber cladding, and richly coloured mosaic accents. Textured stone cladding adorns the internal and external walls and is contrasted against the roughness of the off-shutter concrete soffit in the living room, dining room and kitchen. The finishes are rich and varied in numerous areas in the house, including timber cladding, and richly coloured mosaic finishes.






內飾并沒有過度設計,而是毫不費力地休閑和時尚。 每件家具都經過仔細考慮,成功地將 20 世紀的標志性設計作品與 ARRCC 低調的定制物品完美融合。

The interiors are not over designed, but effortlessly casual and sleek. Each furniture piece was carefully considered to create a successful fusion of 20th Century iconic design pieces with understated customized items by ARRCC.




客戶不拘一格的藝術收藏在室內起著不可或缺的作用,并為當代建筑增添了動態背景。 包括胡桃木、木炭亞麻和大地色調在內的中性色調與復古皮革和柔軟編織地毯等紋理元素并置。 “我們的目標是創造一個舒適的家庭住宅,整潔而實用,同時作為戲劇性建筑圍護結構的襯托,”ARRCC總監Mark Rielly說。

The client’s eclectic art collection plays an integral part in the interior and adds a dynamic background to the contemporary architecture. A neutral colour palette which includes walnut timber, charcoal linen and earth tones was juxtaposed with textural elements such as vintage leathers and soft woven carpets. “Our brief was to create a comfortable family home, uncluttered and functional, yet at the same time act as a foil to the dramatic architectural envelope,” says ARRCC director Mark Rielly.



項目名稱: Horizon Villa

地點: 開普敦,南非

室內設計 : ARRCC

室內設計團隊: Mark Rielly

建筑設計: SAOTA

項目主導: Stefan Antoni and Philip Olmesdahl

攝影師: Adam Letch




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